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Helichrysum Supreme 5ml




SKIN: Boils (nothing better), an abscess, skin allergies, scars, wounds, dermatitis, eczema, acne, cuts, inflammation, bruises, spots, skin care, very strong healing effect on hypodermas, reduces physical stress and tension on hypodermas, etc.

One of the best oils for scars.


DIGESTIVE: Liver congestion, spleen congestion, strengthens enteric nerve function.


CIRCULATORY: lymphatic circulation, bruises, may impact blood clots due to its effects on bruising


IMMUNE: Fever, lymphatic decongestant 


MUSCULAR: Fascial lesions


NERVOUS: Stress (after the fact,) stress related conditions, lethargy, nervous exhaustion, debility, depression, neuralgia, may be regenerating to the sensory nerves, improves cerebrospinal fluid circulation


MUSCULAR: Aches, pain, sprains, strains, pulled muscles, over-use syndromes, adhesions, inflammation, soft tissue injuries.


ENERGETIC: Restorative to the spirit (temporal lobe,) soothing, cleansing, helps to cultivate penetrating personal insight.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: soothes trauma, helps one to move past traumatic past and embrace new potentials

We create our essential oils to order.
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