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Assemblage Point Therapeutic Rollerball 10ml


Assemblage Point

Aloes “A”, Sitka, Cistus, Frankincense Oman, Myrrh, Himalayan Cedar, Galbanum

  • shifts the point of perception making one more internally flexible
  • Re-educates the nervous system to more appropriate functionality
  • Increases conductivity to new experiences, expansion of awareness, perceiving the abstract, processing intuitive information, and to the higher soul
  • Increases potential to experiencing our higher faculties
  • Helps to activate the “Heart Seed” to better align with your purpose
  • Elevates the ability to experience “Oneness”
  • Used to reach deeper levels of stillness and expansion during meditation
  • Excellent psychological healer
  • Harmonizes the everyday mind and the intuitive mind
  • Helps to refine outward expression associated with the creative process
  • Relaxes the responses to past condition which can help one shift or make change
  • Diminishes the tendency towards negative repetition while cultivating spontaneity
  • Impacts the drive to repress emotions facilitating the potential for transmutation
  • Reduces the inclination of transferring feelings and desires from childhood to a new object, situation, or person
  • Aligns our inner motivations to our higher good
  • Helps to alleviate unconscious drives to self sabotage or punish oneself


Our 10ml therapeutic rollerballs contain 4ml essential oil and 6ml jojoba carrier oil. The jojoba is great carrier oil because it never goes bad since technically it is a wax. It also extends the scent and makes it good to apply to the skin if you wish.

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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