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Human Design: Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generator Type and Working Manifesting Generator with Oils

Manifesting Generator

35% of the population

The gifts of the Generator (see above) plus:

Gifts Particular to the Manifesting Generator

1. Being heard and manifesting

2. Impacting people and situations

3. Empowering people

4. Capacity to act on their own

5. Being Prolific

6. Multi-tasking

Their purpose is to discover their right livelihood and master their work. They also have a Generator Strategy to Wait to Respond. Being on their own behalf means following their Sacral yeses and noes. Woven into the fundamentally Generator aspect of their Type, the Manifesting Generator has Manifestor capacities. They have a motor to the Throat Center. With this powerful addition, Manifesting Generators have the life purpose of impacting and empowering. Their Not Self theme includes the Manifestor theme of Anger, along with the Generator theme of Frustration.

The Manifesting Generator’s Strategy- MG-Strategy

is To Wait to Respond, Inform, and Then Act.

Aligned Manifesting Generators are magnificent beyond measure. They are lit up with an easy, multitasking creativity. They know the power they wield, and the circumstances that warrant their impact. They wait for the right moment to speak and inform appropriately. They understand that others don’t have the same energy resources or capacity to speak and be heard, and don’t elevate themselves or demean others for the difference. Instead, they value their role to empower and support others. They are following their Strategy and Authority with clarity and wisdom. The result? They are heard. They impact the lives of people around them. They are powerful leaders. Because they are comfortable with their power, they are naturally free of dominant, assertive behaviors. They are forces of nature. Prolific, they have a competence and capacity to act on their own without feeling victimized by their contribution. They understand they are designed to be busy and skip steps and allow themselves the time and space to focus and circle back around. They are not judging others, or themselves, nor are they swayed by their thoughts and feelings or the opinions of others.

Oil Protocol:

For the oil protocols you will need your Type and Strategy oils.

Step 1:

Reflect Reflection:

Establish your baseline. Reflect on your Type. Notice what you feel in your body. What arises? What would you like to feel in relation to your Type? Take a few notes. Write down an intention.

Step 2:

Choose Your Oil Choose one of the following single oils or blends associated with your Type: Single Oil: Single Oil associated with your Type Blend: Blend for your Type

Step 3:

Application • Sustained inhalation for three to fifteen breathing cycles ○ Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Take your time. Be with the oil. • Focus on the area between the eyebrows. Continue the sustained inhalation for three to fifteen cycles as you focus on your third-eye area.

Step 4:

Pause and Notice Be still. What do you notice? Are there shifts in your Awareness? Repeat the cycle of inhaling the oil on its own and then shifting your focus to the point between the eyebrows. Take your time. What do you notice? Check in with yourself. What are you aware of now? What do you feel in your body? When you think of your Type, has there been a shift? Do you feel a different relationship to your intention/desire than when we first began? Journal your experience.

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Winn, Robin; Toews, Greg. Human Design and Essential Oils: The Facilitator’s Guide to Using Plant Prana to Align with Your Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Centers (p. 121). Difference Press. Kindle Edition.

Winn, Robin; Toews, Greg. Human Design and Essential Oils: The Facilitator’s Guide to Using Plant Prana to Align with Your Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Centers (pp. 98-101). Difference Press. Kindle Edition.

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