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A Simplified Approach – Nociceptive Pain

Nociceptive Pain is characterized as dull achy pain which is caused by muscular strain and lymphatic congestion. The most common form of pain which is caused by one of the following:


  • Thermal- excessive hot or cold
  • Mechanical- torsion of the body due to body alignment, tension, tearing, crushing, shearing, twisting, etc.
  • Chemical- exposure to a chemical substance (ex: rubbing alcohol in a cut or chili powder in the eyes).
  • Visceral- Usually hard to locate and difficult to identify. Smooth muscle is highly sensitive to stretch, inflammation, nerve function, and poor circulation. It in insensitive to burning or cutting. Pain in these tissues can cause nausea or vomiting.
  • Deep Somatic- aching, dull, and poorly-localized pain usually in deep muscle, bones (broken bones), ligaments, tendon, fascia, and blood vessels.
  • Superficial Somatic- located on the skin and/or superficial tissue and is usually sharp, and clearly well defined.

Stress type associated with this type of pain: stress of conflict, toxic stress (chronic pain)

Use the oils below with the Sustained Inhalation method of application.

Blends: Pain Relief

Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter May 23, 2022