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The Benefits of Assemblage Point:

Assemblage Point 

also available in a 10ml rollerball5ml rollerball, 2ml rollerball

Ingredients: Aloes “A”, Sitka, Cistus, Frankincense Oman, Myrrh, Himalayan Cedar, Galbanum 

  • Re-educates the nervous system to more appropriate functionality 
  • Increases conductivity to new experiences, expansion of awareness, perceiving the abstract, processing intuitive information, and to the higher soul
  • Increases potential to experiencing our higher faculties 
  • Helps to activate the “Heart Seed” to better align with your purpose
  • Elevates the ability to experience “Oneness”
  • Used to reach deeper levels of stillness and expansion during meditation
  • Excellent psychological healer
  • Harmonizes the everyday mind and the intuitive mind
  • Helps to refine outward expression associated with the creative process
  • Relaxes the responses to past condition which can help one shift or make change
  • Diminishes the tendency towards negative repetition while cultivating spontaneity 
  • Impacts the drive to repress emotions facilitating the potential for transmutation
  • Reduces the inclination of transferring feelings and desires from childhood to a new object, situation, or person
  • Aligns our inner motivations to our higher good
  • Helps to alleviate unconscious drives to self sabotage or punish oneself

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