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Did you miss our Wisdom of the Heart class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.

We bottle our essential oils to order.


‘- Includes booklet and a $150 kit
– Undo the conditioning of past negative experiences
– Deeper activation of the heart while increases the ability to turn inward
– Enhance your ability to transmute negative experiences
– Increase cognitive functions and improve mental functions
– Open the energy centers along the spine
– Learn ways to detoxify the body, emotions, and mind
– Develop ability to refine your thought processes and let go of negative thinking
– Have a greater sense of oneself
– Improve your ability to be present
– Break patterns of thoughts and behaviors that have been in place for years
– Increase a deeper connection to your “true self” through the practice of stillness and emptiness
– Practice Devotional techniques to increase the connection to the Deity of your personal tradition with essential oils
– Increase a deeper sense of inner peace
– Improve your ability to meditate and have prolonged periods of stillness
Plus more!


Wisdom of the Heart Kit:



Basil/Basil Supreme


Arch Corniel

Bay Laurel

Palo Santo


We bottle our essential oils to order.