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Violet Leaf 5ml


Violet Leaf

SKIN CARE: Acne, eczema, refines the pores, thread veins, wounds, skin eruptions

CIRCULATION: poor circulation, fragile capillaries

MUSCULAR: Fibrosis, rheumatism, pain relief

URINARY: Cystitis

IMMUNITY: Mouth infections, sore throats

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Bronchitis, catarrh, mouth and throat infections.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Dizziness, headaches, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, pain relief

PSYCHOLOGICAL: extremely comforting, soothes the heart, stress, fear, self acceptance, emotional pain, self love

ENERGETIC: cleansing, activating (crown, forehead, ajna, throat, heart), increases flow of energy through the body, balances the two sides of the brain, purifies the feet

SPIRITUAL: purifying the lower nature, activating the upper centers, balancing the upper and lower nature, balances the inner and outer worlds, activates the heart seed,

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