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Tarragon 5ml



    • taken internally (1-3 drops in water) for digestive issues, a stress impacted digestive tract, and issues with vomiting and diarrhea (especially chronic)
    • Best treatment for shock and early stages of stress
    • Used at early stages of injury to calm and sooth the body and emotions
    • Applied to abdomen in a base of tamanu can produce impressive results for menstrual cramps and endometriosis
    • Calms an agitated emotional body
    • Stimulates gentle detoxification when taken internally (1-3 drops in water)
    • Facilitates deeper levels of peace and stillness
    • Enhances meditation especially when used regularly
    • Important part of treating PTSD
    • Balances the central nervous system
    • Stimulates the center (blue pearl) that brings light into the body
    • Powerful antispasmodic for the digestive tract, urogenital system, and muscular system (1-3 drops in water)


GENITO-URINARY: Difficult menstruation, menstrual pain, antispasmodic, can also be effect for menstrual cramps, endometriosis

    • endometriosis treatment involves mixing tarragon with tamanu and applying to the lower abdomen

 DIGESTIVE: Upset stomach, Intestinal spasms, antispasmodic, hiccups, painful and difficult digestion, colitis (soothing), gas, nervous indigestion, stress and the long term effects of stress on the gut (great for rehabilitating the effects stress on the gut while encouraging gentle detoxification, sluggish digestion, reduces stress in the digestive tract, nausea, diarrhea (especially chronic), may help issues with vomiting, helpful with treatment strategies concerning anorexia, tension in the diaphragm.

    • combined with Rosemary to recondition the digestive tract which can help facilitate the detoxification process

MUSCULAR: Antispasmodic

IMMUNITY: allergies, hepatitis A and B (can be helpful)

RESPIRATORY: asthma (nervous and allergic types)

NERVOUS: Shock (one of the best essential oil treatments for shock), agitation, tension, stress-related conditions, psychosomatic response, balancing and toning to the central nervous system, helpful for issues with the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Soothing in times of emotional distress (calms lower emotions therefore effecting the mind),  strong emotions, agitation in the mental processes, shock, PTSD, helps one to “go with the flow”

ENERGETIC: Cleansing to the spine and it’s processes, soothing, diminishes the long term effects of psychic projection (psychic attack) on the throat and abdominal area, Strengthens the basic chakra

SPIRITUAL: Helps to facilitate deeper spiritual states and deeper levels sustained awareness which is necessary for realization, increases integration of light, activating to the “blue pearl” located in the pineal gland, helps protect spirit from the intellect (symbolized as the parasol in the Buddhist tradition)

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