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Splendor 5ml



Applications: sustained inhalation, body tonic, liniment, ointment, Thera-lotion, massage oil, salt bath, salt foot bath, salt scrub, spray, therapeutic incense, diffuser

    • soothing to agitation in the limbic functions
    • Toning and fortifying to endocrine function
    • Diminishes the effects of stress (including traumatic stress as in PTSD)
    • Calms and soothes lower emotions
    • Helps with the transmutation of instinctual responses
    • Calms and soothes the lower mind
    • Helps to diminish the psychological effects of trauma
    • Quiets effect on the mind
    • Helps to stimulate intuition
    • Helps with improving mental faculties for conflict resolution
    • Purifying to the front and back solar plexus
    • Helps to regulate the Meng Mein
    • Has a purifying effect of the etheric protective webs
    • Improves the ability to be grounded when used consistently
    • Helps to temper psychological defense mechanisms that can get activated due to traumatic events
    • Helps to purify and regulate the mental will
    • Helps to cultivate the spiritual will (being guided by the higher soul)
    • Helps to purifying processes that help with overcoming obstacles
    • Increases conductivity to the higher soul
We bottle our essential oils to order.
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