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Rosewood 5ml



  • Great for when one feels overworked and burned out
  • Very stabilizing to the emotions
  • Can be helpful with depression and feeling blue
  • Balances out the two sides of the brain
  • Can be used for brain fatigue
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia due to its gentle nature
  • very gentle, good for babies, small children, frail individuals, and immune compromised individuals
  • Good for infections
  • Tissue regenerator
  • Soothing in a salt bath
  • Internally can help with infections and proper digestive function
  • Helps to balance the two sides of the brain
  • A excellent oil to use for skin care and skin maintenance
  • Uplifting
  • Helps to integrate information into the brain, especially for the materialization process
  • Sustained inhalation and in a diffuser for cold’s and flu’s
  • Helpful in meditation practices, especially kundalini practices
  • Worn daily it helps to utilize intuitive guidance
  • Used to help facilitate soul retrieval practices in shamanic practices

SKIN: Acne, dermatitis, tissue regeneration, eczema, wrinkles, sensitive skin, dry skin, dull skin, combination skin, great for maintenance, stretch marks

IMMUNE:  Colds, coughs, fever, infections, lung infections, ear infections, sinus infections, sore throats and throat infections, genital infections, stimulates the immune system, bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections

GENITOURINARY: (great for treating these conditions due to its gentle nature) cystitis, vaginitis, genital infections

DIGESTIVE: Peristalsis

NERVOUS: Frigidity, fatigue, astenia, headaches, nausea, nervous tension and stress-related conditions, exhaustion, depression

PSYCHOLOGICAL: calming, soothing, sense of well being, the effects of stress, improves mood (especially with prolonged consistent treatment), being hard on oneself, need to punish oneself, self sabotage, transmutation of lower emotions, stabilizing

ENERGETIC: transmutation of lower emotions, purifying to the back heart, helps facilitate integration into the mind (by effects on the back heart and back head), integration of intuitive mind into the sensory mind (the everyday mind)

SPIRITUAL: helps facilitate the movement of kundalini, balancing the brain, helps facilitate the down pouring of divine energy

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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