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Ravintsara 5ml



  • invigorating
  • Fortifying to the mind
  • Strengthening to the psyche
  • Helps to improve self image related issues
  • Can help with creative processes
  • Strengthening to the heart for individuals that are dealing with past trauma
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Analgesic properties
  • Fortifying to the nerves
  • Can be useful in depleted conditions that contribute to depression
  • Helpful with sinus related issues
  • May help with inflammation


SKIN: cleansing

IMMUNE: viruses, bacterias, fungal conditions, antimicrobial (especially airborne)

DIGESTIVE: detoxifying

RESPRITORY: inflammation in the sinuses

MUSCULAR, JOINTS: pain relief especially for degenerative conditions, arthritis, spasms, inflammation, moves blood to the head

NERVOUS: increasing circulation to the brain, stress related conditions, asthenia (depleted nerves), depressive states

PSYCHOLOGICAL: helps to strengthen the heart in association with trauma (makes the heart more resilient), effects of stress, issues with self image, may be helpful with depression

ENERGETIC: strengthening, fortifying, heart and back heart, spleen, basic, transmuting effect on cords

SPIRITUAL: helps with the processes of higher creativity, helps to facilitate bringing in the Light

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