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Product Pack; Respiratory Rehab


Respiratory Rehab Product Pack:

Tolu Balsam Ointment

  • helps to relax air passages and throat muscles involved in respiration

Pulmonary Stress Support

  • targets the stress in the smooth muscle of the respiratory tract that is a by-product of labored breathing associated with various conditions


  • relaxes the bronchioles which helps to deepen and regulate the breath. Can be relaxing to the diaphragm as well


  •   helps to reduce inflammation, and potential scarring in the respiratory tract

Receive the following in this kit.

Tolu Balsam Ointment 1oz

Pulmonary Stress Support 5ml

Bronchioles Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml

Helichrysum Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml

2 inhalers you can add Pulmonary Stress Support to.

Also a protocol PDF will be emailed with the purchase of the Product Pack.

$65 for the pack, Individual retail price $79

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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