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Previous Class: The Alchemy of Loving Kindness


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We bottle our essential oils to order.


  • Receive a premium essential oil gift set
  • Increase the feeling of well being
  • Treat issues that block experiencing Divine Love
  • Heighten your ability to commune with angels and cultivate devotional practices to the Deities of your tradition
  • Increase potential for acts of loving kindness
  • Improve prosperity with deeper development of the heart and basic chakras
  • Purify the physical, emotional, mental bodies
  • Prepare the body for deeper states of awareness of Divine Love
  • Increase potential for accurate perception and correct expression
  • Deepen creative potentials
  • Experience stronger meditations as a byproduct of this process
  • Plus more

Alchemy of Loving Kindness Kit:


Peaceful Spirit


Three Wise Men



Guru Rinpoche


A tea candle

We bottle our essential oils to order.


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