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We bottle our essential oils to order.


White Light and the Inner Eye

  • receive a gift kit of $300 of essential and e.o. based products
  • Practice the Alchemical practice of bringing in the White Light
  • This process is for diminishing the effects of everyday life on the soul and soul contact
  • Helps to deepen practices of “inner vision”
  • Treat the nervous system to appropriately acclimate to the increase White Light
  • Increase the potential for integrating into the heart
  • Practice the process “entering the cave of the heart” with simple steps
  • Deepen the transformation process of the heart consuming the lower mind
  • Increase your ability to “hold onto the Light” and direct it
  • Improve your ability to problem solve, overcome obstacles, and accelerate the evolutionary process
  • Improve your intuition
  • Increase your ability to receive inner transmissions 
  • Impact aspects that impact self image
  • Learn how to prepare your space for deeper alchemical practices
  • Practice specific practices for protecting the light within you
  • Detoxify the body for deeper experiences 
  • Regulate the nervous system when the form is changing (mind and body)
  • Stimulate how your body etheric interacts with others and how you receive information 
  • Do a practice that helps to develop the eyes of the soul rather than the eyes of the mind
  • Plus more

Kit: White Light and the Inner Eye


Camphor Incense 


Aloes & Myrrh 2ml roller 



Three Wise Men Body Tonic 1oz

Self Schema 2ml roller 

Heart Acumen 2ml roller 


Holy Rose Spray 

Helichrysum spray 4oz 

NPR Body Tonic 1oz 

Cistus Ointment 1oz 




Lovage Body Tonic 8oz

Forest Mint



We bottle our essential oils to order.