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Previous Class: Lymphatic Technique Module 6: Brain Fog and Protecting the Brain


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Lymphatic 6: Brain Fog

  • Learn the issues that contribute to brain fog and fuzzy thinking
  • Practice technique to help detoxify the brain and reduce inflammatory material that impacts brain
  • Use oils to address hormonal deficiencies
  • Treat imbalances in the thyroid to improve brain function
  • Strengthen and balance aspects of nervous system that impact the brain
  • Do a deeper dive for releasing the two aspects of the diaphragm and neck
  • Treat free radicals and their impact on the brain
  • Use oils to reduce contributing factors that cause inflammation in brain
  • Practice technique to improve circulation to the brain
  • Learn other aspects to address for brain fog
  • Plus more

You will want 1 oil from each of the Lines.

Line 1

Single Oils: Spikenard, Valerian, Lavender, Marjoram, Lavandin 

Blends: Sleep Support

Line 2

Single Oils: Hyssop, Hyssop Decumbens, Frankincense, Sitka, Inula, Myrtle

Blends: Bronchioles, Deep Breath

Line 3

Single Oils: Ammi Visnaga, Tolu Balsam, Peru Balsam, Fir Balsam, Poplar Balsam

Blends: Friar’s Balsam

Line 4

Single Oils: Helichrysum

Blends: Free Radicals, Helichrysum Supreme

Line 5

Single Oils: Sylvester Pine, Black Spruce

Line 6

Single Oils: Clove

Line 7

Single Oils: Turmeric

Blends: Turmeric Complex

* Turmeric Gota Kola Ointment

Line 8

Single Oils: Camphor, Ho Wood, Neroli, Inula, Melissa, Ylang Ylang

Line 9


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