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Did you miss the Study Group on Immunity and want to catch up? You will get out downloadable files in an email at purchase.

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Immunity Study Group
  • free study session focused on immunity and respiratory issues
  • Integrated energetic and physiological approach to immunity and well being
  • Discussion on essential oils to address issues for the cold and flu season
  • Break down specific aspects of the immune response to target your weak spots
  • Technique oriented approach for prevention, treatment during infection, and post infection recovery
  • Psychological issues that may contribute to weakened immunity
  • Address potential symptoms associated with long Covid 
  • Approaches to protect the respiratory tract during the cold and flu season
  • Learn about other systems of the body that contribute to your immune response
  • Strengthen the body with daily routines
  • Address mucus in the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and urinary tract
  • Q and A to address personal questions concerning immunity
  • Plus more

We bottle our essential oils to order.