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‘- Understand what happens when we face obstacles in our life

– Address stress and other blockages to overcoming obstacles

– Minimize the time it takes for you to problem solve

– Discuss and treat the four phases of Higher Creativity and learn how to harness them

– Experiment with different essential oils and blends

– Learn and practice a more advanced materialization technique

– Discover how to increase you ability to be magnetic and attract things into your life

– Deeply unwind stress and the accumulated impact it has on your sleep, memory, spiritual life, and ability to prosper

– Discuss the difference between the spoken word and the written word based on scientific studies

– Utilize visualizations with essential oils to help integrate goals

– Use stress and stressful situations for accelerating your spiritual development


Inner Transformation Kit:



Stress ease

Angel Zagzagel

Angel Sabrael

Geranium Egyptian

We bottle our essential oils to order.


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