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Grapefruit, Pink 10ml



SKIN: Tones the skin and tissues, promotes hair growth, acne, congested skin, cleansing to the hypodermis, oily skin.


IMMUNE: Infectious conditions, chills, colds, flu.


CIRCULATION: Cellulitis, obesity, water retention.


MUSCULAR / JOINTS: Accumulations (especially lactic acid), before exercise, muscle fatigue, stiffness, inflammation.


NERVOUS: Headaches, stress, effects of stress, depression, nervous tension, nervous exhaustion, debility, pain (not a pain reliever but helps to minimize the effects of pain on the body and emotions.)


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Sense of well-being, uplifting, soothing.


ENERGETIC: Purifying, energizing, soothing, tonic.


SPIRITUAL: Prepares the body for spiritual energy.

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