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Previous Class: Chakras and the Tree of Life


Did you miss our Chakras and the Tree of Life class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.

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  • Learn about the Chakras and their correspondences to the Tree of Life
  • Discover the Angels and Archangels associated with the chakras and the oils associated with them
  • Discuss the lines from the Lord’s Prayer and the corresponding essential oils
  • Learn the correspondences of the 10 commandments to the chakras and the oils associated with the commandments
  • Study the spiritual, psychological, and physical properties of each of the chakras and the oils that effects them
  • Discuss the negative tendencies within the chakras and the oils that help to remove these tendencies
  • Practice techniques that integrate essential oils into other healing modalities for quicker results
  • Practice techniques using essential oils to activate and regulate the chakras
  • Discover meditations that can be done with essential oils and visualization
  • Accelerate your healing abilities by integrating the use of essential oils on the chakras
  • Discuss essential oils that are cleansing and strengthening to the chakras
  • Learn how to cultivate the characteristics of the chakras into your daily life
  • Discuss and practice different application methods that best effect the chakras and healing processes
  • Learn how to treat the chakras addressing the four aspects of healing and regeneration of the blood technique
  • Learn ways to quickly remove stress and reduce fear
  • Discuss oils for prosperity, spiritual growth, healing, cognitive function, cleansing the environment
  • Plus more

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