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Cade 5ml




SKIN: Dermatitis, eczema, general skin issues, increases circulation in the hypodermis, good for later stages of treatment for cuts and scarring.


DIGESTIVE: Tension in the large intestine, gallbladder function.


IMMUNE: Lymphatic circulation.


ENDOCRINE: Stimulates the pituitary gland.


MUSCULAR Relaxes muscle, pain reliever, relaxes fascia, may have a relaxing effect on cardiac muscle, accumulations.


NERVOUS: Effects of stress, stress related conditions, psychosomatic response, insomnia.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Stress, negative thoughts about or towards others, repetitive thinking.


ENERGETIC: Activates the chakra between the eyebrows, strengthens the solar plexus and spleen.


SPIRITUAL:- good for kundalini meditations due to its ability to help the circulation of prana 

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