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Soothing the 9 Different Types of Fear

May 27 @ 9:00 am 6:00 pm America/Los Angeles

Soothing the 9 Different Types of Fear

May 27th 9am-6pm Pacific Time

Soothing the 9 Different Types of Fear:

  • receive an aromatherapy kit worth $150 specific for this class
  • Understand different physiological mechanisms that trigger our fear response
  • Release the effects of past conditioning and the patterns within the body that contribute to fear responses
  • Target the amygdala to help generate a better sense of well being
  • Calm over activated adrenals with a simple approach
  • Reduce cardiac fatigue which can induce a fear response
  • Address responses that produce specific and non specific phobias caused by past experiences
  • Minimize the the tension associated with the fear of rejection and feel more empowered
  • Fears associated with past traumatic and stressful events
  • Experience releasing tension associated with our panic response and how to calm it
  • Increase potential of embracing the unknown
  • Practice a technique for addressing social anxiety
  • Existential fears and how to remedy
  • Address unconscious fears
  • Anxiety and fear patterns
  • Plus more

That’s right! An oil kit worth the price of the class.

All special oils.

Aromatherapy Gift Kit Includes:




Ylang Ylang BT

Fear / Phobias

Fear / Panic

Fear / Rejection

Fear / Anxiety

Fear / Unknown 

Fear / Social Anxiety

Fear / Failure

Fear / Existential 

Fear / Past Experiences