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We bottle our essential oils to order.

  • receive an aromatherapy kit worth $150 with class
  • Learn how to use essential oils to materialize thought forms and goals
  • Use essential oils to overcome obstacles
  • Address negative thinking from the past with essential oils
  • Learn how to use essential oils to reduce conditioning from our past negative experiences
  • Use oils for increasing focus, memory, prolonging concentration, assimilating information, and making decisions
  • Diminish the tendency to procrastinate with essential oils
  • Increase your ability to adjust and adapt with essential oil techniques
  • Discover the chakras that effect prosperity and how to effect them with oils
  • Use the Archangels and the four directions for achieving goals and prosperity
  • Reduce stress and fears with the use of essential oils
  • Oils for harmonizing conflicts in the home and office
  • Learn the mechanics of materialization
  • Discuss the properties of essential oils that impact prosperity
  • Learn techniques with essential oils for prosperity
  • Plus more

Prosperity and Materialization Kit: 



Cedar supreme

Basil Supreme





Rosemary Verbenone

We bottle our essential oils to order.


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