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Kit; Dream Time


Dream Time Kit Includes:

Unconscious Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml

Intuition Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml

Paracelsus Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml

Dream Body Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml

Each 5ml Therapeutic Rollerball has 2ml genuine oil blend and 3ml jojoba oil.

Dream Time Kit:

5ml rollerballs (contains 2ml essential oil and 3ml jojoba)

  • helps to improve sleep quality
  • Increases dream activity
  • Accelerates psychological processing during sleep
  • Diminishes adrenal hyper reactivity
  • Increases “rest and repair” functions
  • Improves meditation
  • Impacts clairvoyant abilities

$105 kit price

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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