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Chakral Root Cleanser OIntment 2oz


Greg has featured the essential oil Chakral Root Cleanser in a YouTube video.  You can watch the video at .  Please visit our Plant Prana Oils YouTube channel at for free classes, study groups, and features on several oils.



  • Stimulates deep lymphatic movement
  • Has a regulating effect on the thymus
  • Can help improve flexibility in the joints
  • Diminishes stress in the digestive tract
  • It is very healing psychologically
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • May help to diminish self doubt
  • Releases negative emotions and thoughts from the unconscious
  • Activating to the heart chakra
  • Improves the flow of life force through the body
  • improves function of chakras
  • Purifies and releases from the root of all the chakras
  • Has a cleansing effect on the aura
  • Helps to activate the forehead and back head chakras
  • Aids in the development of intuition
  • Helps to purify etheric contamination from other people
  • Deepens Meditation
  • Helpful when doing work with angels
  • Accelerates the materialization process due to its purifying effect on the unconscious
  • Used in a massage oil or lotion it helps to stimulate lymphatic circulation and improve flexibility
  • Salt baths with Chakra Root Cleanser are soothing and very cleansing to the energy body
  • Sustained inhalation helps to release issues from the unconscious before becoming conscious
  • Salt scrub helps to purify physically, emotionally, and energetically
  • Incense helps to purify energies in the aura before they physicalize
  • Combined with the materialization breath Chakra Root Cleanser deepens the connection to the angelic realm
  • Applied to the feet (neat) helps to facilitate the materialization process
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