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Materialization Breathing – Methods of Use

Materialization Breath

Greg has demonstrated the Materialization Breath in a YouTube video.  You can watch the video at  Please visit our Plant Prana Oils YouTube channel at for free classes, study groups, and features on several oils.

Hold the bottle of oil on the chest, then exhale and lower your chin to the chest. Do the following steps a total of 8 or 9 times:

  1. Inhale the essential oil thru your nose
  2. Hold your breath and then you raise your chin upwards
  3. With your chin up, exhale thru your mouth
  4. Hold your breath and then you lower your chin to your chest

Should you have a limit on the movement of your neck, either up or down, move your neck only to the limit that it is comfortable for you.  If you can’t move your neck all the way down, then modify the instructions to bring the bottle to your nose on each down movement.

Materialization Breathing is one of the many methods of using essential oils.