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Self Worth

March 4 @ 9:00 am March 5 @ 6:00 pm

Self Worth

Sat March 4th 9am-6pm Central

Sun March 5th 10am-6pm Central

Live Birmingham, AL and Via Zoom

Free and Open to All

Self Worth

  • address issues associated with overcoming obstacles and our unconscious drive to create the obstacles in our path
  • Increase your ability to improve a project, goal, or relationship and give more effort in these areas 
  • Increase confidence 
  • Identify the some of the different sources of anxiety, their cause, and how to treat
  • Reduce the impact of negative emotions on your health 
  • Reduce self critical thinking and critical inner dialogue
  • Diminish self sabotage tendency and genuinely pursue the things you want in life
  • Tie together the different aspect of self esteem, self image, and abandonment 
  • Address the “monkey mind”
  • Technique for cultivating constancy of aim and effort
  • Increase inner conductivity and ability to go within
  • Plus more

Oil Suggestions and Kit Option available.

Choose an oil or blend from each group for the Self Worth Class

Group 1

Single Oils: Aloes, Helichrysum

Blends: Health Rays, Orange Healer 

Group 2

Single Oils: Cinnamon, Cassia

Blends: Red Healer, Abramelin 

Group 3

Single Oils: Thyme

Blends: Thyme Supreme, Basic Chakra

Group 4

Single Oils: Savory

Blends: Liberation, Gamma

Group 5

Single Oils: Ravensara

Blends: Beta

Group 6

Single Oils: Marjoram

Blends: Blue Healer

Group 7

Single Oils: Thyme Linalool 

Blends: Theta

Group 8

Single Oils: Clary Sage

Blends: Opathle Yahola’s Balm, Theta

Group 9

Single Oils: Neroli, Clary Sage, Basil, Lavender, Roman Chamomile

Blends: Spasmophilia, Sacred Blue

Group 10

Single Oils: African Bluegrass

Blends: Nimbus, Alpha

Group 11

Single Oils: Ginger Lily 

Blends: Etheric Cords, Back Heart

Kit for purchase $150

Class will be recorded.

Kit: Self Worth for purchase

Orange Healer 5ml

Red Healer 5ml

Basic Chakra

Savory 5ml

Ravensara 5ml

Blue Healer

Thyme Linalol 5ml

Clary Sage 10ml 


Back Heart 

Free – $150 Free and Open to All, Purchase kit for class $150